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Cat Margulis

Author, Book Coach, and Podcaster

Cat Margulis is a Toronto author, book coach and host of Passion Project, a podcast about making your dreams happen.

A former journalist and content strategist for brands like ELLE and Walmart, Cat now works with speakers, experts, coaches and thought leaders as a book coach and editor.

Through one-on-one coaching, feedback and accountability, she helps writers start and finish their book, sharing everything she has learned in her own author journey—in addition to 25+ years as a journalist, writer, editor and content strategist, and as a transformation and leadership coach—to help them publish their book. Cat’s clients are speakers, experts, coaches and thought leaders who want to get their story and message out into the world, share their knowledge, and inspire, educate and empower others.

Cat’s book Again Only More Like You, published by Rising Action, is arriving in book stores in April 2025.

Cat lives in Toronto with her husband and four children.

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