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May 2, 2022
May 3, 2022
May 4, 2022

06:00 PM-
08:00 PM

Opening Reception

Networking Lounge

Join us while we kick-off CEX.


JaMarr John Johnson

02:20 PM-
03:00 PM

Adventures in the New Economy

Arizona Grand Ballroom

How creators can leverage the events of the past two years for their benefit and thrive in the "Peak Marketplace"….


Chris Guillebeau

04:35 PM-
05:20 PM

Free Agent Nation to the Creator Economy

Arizona Grand Ballroom

The author of five (yes, five!) New York Times best sellers teaches us how to succeed by taking a quick look over our shoulders….


Dan Pink

Brian Clark

08:30 AM-
09:10 AM

Audience Persona Development for Content Creators

AZ Grand E (Eucalyptus)

Whether it’s for blogs, social media posts or emails, audience personas are a guide containing all the information you need to shape your content to be information your audience is ac…


Robert Rose

09:25 AM-
10:05 AM

The Business Model of Social Tokens

AZ Grand C/D

Mark and Joe have developed two of the most successful social tokens in the world. Here's the secrets to how they did it….


Joe Pulizzi

01:50 PM-
02:30 PM

Powerful TikTok Market Research Strategy

AZ Grand A/B

Tune into today’s most popular social media platform to better understand your audience, stay up on content trends, and get content creation inspiration….


Whitney Lauritsen

02:45 PM-
03:25 PM

Creating an NFT Project Step-by-Step

AZ Grand C/D

Fandem is one of the leading NFT developers in the world. Find out their magical process for developing an NFT project….


Kathleen Gladstone

G.I. Zaratsian

03:30 PM-
05:00 PM

Fond Farewell

Our team will be at the bar exchanging stories, stop by to say so long.


Laura Kozak

Marc Maxhimer

Trudi Roth

And More
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