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This year’s Creator Economy Expo features 10 amazing keynote speakers and over 30 in-depth breakout sessions. Each session is specifically designed for content creators working to grow full-time, financially sustainable businesses.

All-in-all, over 50 content creators and entrepreneurs from around the globe will come together to teach you how you can scale and grow your content business faster and smarter.

Breakout tracks and sessions include:


  • How to Build a Niche Podcast that Drives Revenue
  • Beyond the Podcast: Generating Revenue, Impact and Retention with Smart Audio
  • Secrets Tips to Build Audience with Podcasts


  • Sustainable Web3 Business Models for Content Creators
  • How to Launch Your NFT Project Today
  • How Content Creators Can Make the Move from Web2 to Web3


  • Driving Revenue with Online Courses
  • How to Build a Paid Membership Site
  • Developing a Sponsorship Program that Works


  • How to Use Testing to Create a Constant Competitive Advantage
  • How to Use Design-Thinking Strategies to Level Up Your Creator Business
  • Using Data to Optimize Your Content
  • How to Use Pinterest to Drive Leads for Your Business

Email/Subscription Generation

  • Supercharging Your Content Business through Subscriptions
  • Killer Newsletter Editorial and Operational Tips
  • Building a Massive Email List from Instagram

Content Operations

  • The Hidden Way Content Creators Differentiate In a Sea of Sameness
  • How to Prepare Your Content Business for Sale
  • How to Scale Your Content Business for Faster Growth
  • The Secret to Managing Content Burnout

Revenue Growth

  • How Content Creators Should Approach New Revenue Streams
  • Building New Revenue Lines through Webinars and Live Events
  • How to Build and Scale a Consulting Practice
  • How Today’s Creators Are Leveraging Books for Growth
  • How to Build a Merchandise Site

Video/Social Media

  • How to Make Real Money from Your Social Media Presence
  • Show Up LESS on Social and Build MORE Business
  • How to Use TikTok to Build Your Email List
  • Operationalize Your YouTube Videos & Grow Your Business

And don’t forget we have four incredible pre-conference workshops* to choose from (*included with All-Access and Never-Ending Ticket options only):

  • How to Supercharge Your Subscriptions and Drive Substantially More Leads, Instructors: Andy Crestodina and Karen Hopper
  • How to Build, Launch and Grow Your NFT Program from Scratch, Instructors: Brian Fanzo and Gianina Skarlett
  • The Science of Becoming a Community-Driven Creator, Instructor: Jay Clouse
  • Step-by-Step: Developing a Sponsorship Package that Drives Serious Revenue – The Sponsorship Strategy Summit, Instructors: Justin Moore and Dee Brissett

Post-event workshop (open to a limited number of attendees, more info to come)

Working Together (CEXtra)

  • Form your own cheerleading team
  • Create a piece of content you haven’t done yet (or been brave enough to share)
  • Working together with a focus on one outcome (your creation)
  • Ce accountable and motivate others
  • Get to know CEX friends better (whilst working on your own project)

Attending CEX 2023 is the best investment you can make for your content business. Join us today!

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