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The Heart & Soul Behind Your Content Creation Business is Math

Math is constantly happening around each and every one of us, every flippin’ day. You may know the number of engaged eyeballs on your content, you probably keep tabs on the reach and frequency of your marketing, and of course you track the number of dollar bills that are headed your way.

Cuz it’s all about the numbers, right? Eh, kinda.

The business of content creation is about humanizing math. Math is so much more than arithmetic; it’s actually one of the most underutilized tools at your disposal. Learning some alternative ways to use it will be like having a secret decoder ring – and that’s pretty rad.

Takeaways from this presentation include:

  • Understanding the benefits of problem-solving from a mathematical perspective
  • Applying examples of key mathematical factors in human relationships
  • Empowering you to take advantage of some numbers in your business that haven’t yet been revealed


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