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Quitting A $200k Corporate Job to Become A Solo Content Entrepreneur

When Soundarya quit her job as a Product Manager at Salesforce, she didn’t think she’d become a solopreneur. She simply wanted not be chained to a 9-5 desk anymore. After spending 6 months feeling lost, and experimenting with everything from running a course to Notion consulting, she found her calling in helping other immigrants like herself build something of their own. She wrote a LinkedIn post on the idea of a book, and it caught fire. Less than a year after that post, she published her second book “Unshackled” and built a membership community around the book (, having helped thousands of immigrants in America.


  • How to navigate the first 6 months after you quit your job
  • How to run a successful crowdfunding campaign
  • How to rally supporters for your cause


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