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Maximize Your Speaking Success as a Referable Speaker: A Masterclass*

How prolific content creators turn speaking into a powerful, sustainable, predictable revenue stream.

Suddenly, you’re being invited to speak at conferences and events!.Congratulations! You’ve built a powerful personal brand. Maybe your YouTube channel is killing it, your podcast is exploding, your newsletter is a massive success, or your TikTok is a viral sensation. 

Maybe you’re even getting paid to speak at these events! YAY! Revenue!

So, what does it take to turn this into a sustainable, reliable, and repeatable revenue stream? How can you win more gigs, more often at higher fees? The key to your speaking success lies in tracking only one number: stageside leads.

A stageside lead is a request to speak at another event secured within 72 hours of stepping off the stage or powering down your web camera.

In this exhilarating 2-hour session, full-time keynote speaker and prolific content creator Andrew Davis will break down exactly how to take any speech from $0 to $20K a gig in less than six months. You’ll learn the ins and outs of the Velocity Philosophy and Fee Parity. He’ll show you how to set your fees, leverage the power of Compounding Gigs, and map your referral tree. You’ll even see how he books 55 gigs a year without a speaker bureau.

So, are you ready to turn 1 gig into 100 by leveraging the power of stageside leads?

*Pre-event workshops for All-Access pass holders only

Pre-Event Workshop


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