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This year, during the event, you can collect NFTs to remember your experience AND have the chance to win a prize!  It’s super simple to participate and completely free. All you need is an email address or a digital wallet address (or your ENS domain). 

You can collect NFTs at each:

  • Keynote speaker session
  • Breakout session (and the moderators!)
  • The opening reception
  • Sponsor booth

We are using to mint each NFT with no gas fees. You simply scan the QR code with your phone for each session you attend and follow the instructions below to claim. At the conclusion of the event, you’ll be entered into drawings for fabulous prizes! And even better – you will have an NFT collection of your CEX 2023 experience.

We have provided a practice CEX NFT for you to claim before the event to familiarize yourself with the process.  

CEX 2023 NFT  – click on the QR code or scan with your phone camera to begin, and then follow the directions below.

Directions for Claiming CEX NFTs:

Claim using your existing Wallet or ENS address:

Scan or click the QR Code

Enter your ENS or Eth wallet address and click or tap “Claim”

Complete the Captcha

Enjoy your NFT

Claim with email address:

Scan or click the QR Code

Click or tap “Connect Wallet” (top right corner)

Click or tap “Login with email” (bottom of pop-up)

Enter your email address and click or tap “Submit”

Copy the 3-digit security code

Check your email.

Open the “Login” message from MintKudos

Tap or click the “Log in to MintKudos” button

Enter or paste the 3-digit security code

Close the login window and return to the previous MintKudos window

Click the “Claim” button next to your new wallet address

Additional Info:

QR codes for NFTs will appear on the speaker slides during the keynotes and breakout sessions.  Don’t forget to claim the moderators’ NFTs. Visit the Sponsor booths to find NFT QR codes for each sponsor. And don’t miss the special opening reception NFT for our Tequila tasting event! 

Each QR code is only available on the day of the session and expires at the end of the scheduled day. Speakers do not have their individual QR codes.


  • If you use your email address to claim your CEX NFTs.
    • Once you claim your first NFT, leave the browser window open to make claiming future NFTs easier. You will stay logged in, and you will only need to click claim for each new NFT.
  • If you use your digital wallet address or ENS.
    • You will need to enter your ENS each time or connect your wallet on the home screen. Metamask will not work to connect if using Safari or Firefox browsers on a phone. 

Any questions?  

Contact Marc Maxhimer ([email protected]) or Mark Hicks ([email protected]) before or during the event.  They are more than happy to help.

Let the NFT game begin!

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