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Thomas Smale

Founder and CEO of FE International

Thomas Smale is the Founder and CEO of FE International. He is a serial business entrepreneur and M&A expert, having built the industry-leading firm in the $1-100M global technology sector. With experience dating back to the early 2000s, Smale offers invaluable technical, diligence and negotiation advice to early-stage and seasoned business owners alike, which has resulted in over 1,100 successful exits.

Smale can be regularly found speaking at industry events where he enjoys meeting like-minded entrepreneurs and investors.

Alongside his duties at FE International, Smale is a sought-after author and keynote presenter for leading industry events worldwide. He has been interviewed on top podcasts and blogs on a variety of topics, including business strategy, buying and selling businesses, negotiation tactics and more. He writes a business column regularly on entrepreneurship, growth, and business management for and is a Young Entrepreneurs’ Council member.

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