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Nora Dunn

The Professional Hobo

Nora Dunn, aka The Professional Hobo, sold everything she owned (including a busy financial planning practice) to travel the world in 2006. She traveled full-time for 12 years, and since then she has a home base from which she travels as and when she wants, for weeks to months at a time, many times a year. 

She’s considered a pioneer in the travel blogging arena, and an OG digital nomad. (Though ironically if her fashion sense is any indication, she’s not generally a trend-setter). 

On her travel blog (, she not only shares her adventures and mis-adventures alike, but she is radically honest about the full-time/long-term travel lifestyle and the realities of working remotely while traveling. 

As a former financial planner, she demonstrates that full-time travel can be financially sustainable, and she helps people design their ideal travel/work lifestyles. With a knack for details, she loves helping people with all the lifestyle logistics and ensuring people know the things they don’t know they didn’t know, before they get out there and realize they should’ve known. (Say that five times fast). 

Nora has been featured in print, on television, radio, podcasts, and online on outlets like Forbes, Condé Nast Traveler, Business Insider, Lonely Planet, and Oprah. 

She hosts The Remote Work and Travel Show where she features ordinary people who have extraordinary travel lifestyles and remote careers to get the real dirt on the work/travel lifestyle. 

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