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Luis D. Camejo

Co-Host of Content Is Profit

Originally from Caracas, Venezuela, Luis came to United States on a full ride Scholarship for Soccer with the goal to build a platform to help and support other entrepreneurs. Currently Luis and his brother Fonzi are the minds behind Studio Podcast Suites & BIZBROS, They’ve spent over seven years mastering the art of content creation that drives opportunities and profit.

As proud owners of Studio Podcast Suites, and hosts of a top global podcast, Content is Profit, they have been able to help hundreds with their strategies, publishing platforms, podcasts, micro-content, and relationship building systems.

Drawing from their experiences with industry giants like HubSpot, Orangetheory, Redbull, Chet Holmes International and more, they’ve developed game-changing frameworks such as the MVC (Minimum Viable Content), The Publishing Pyramid, and their unique M2M Content Ecosystem

Luis and Fonzi, once on a path to professional soccer, pivoted to entrepreneurship, driven by a passion to support their family back home and make a global impact. But what they cherish most are the invaluable relationships forged through their podcasting journey.

Now, as online personalities, owners of Studio podcast Suites and part of the HubSpot Podcast Network, they’re on a mission: to help companies, business owners, and content creators transform their content into value-packed assets that amplify their message, build trust, and create consistent opportunities.

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or an established business, tune in to learn from the BIZBROS and supercharge your content marketing game.

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