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Jordache Johnson

Founder, The Web3 Bridge (W3B) Community

An expert on the art and habit of building and maintaining business relationships, Jordache is a business consultant and digital growth strategist that coaches entrepreneurs & executives how to scale their visibility, impact, and revenue by leveraging human relationships, business principles, and technology

He’s successfully taught his signature F.R.I.E.N.D.S.TM Method to thousands of entrepreneurs and business leaders, giving them the tools, confidence, and mindset they need to make building meaningful relationships a natural part of increasing their visibility & generating high quality leads.

He is passionate about bridging the gap between Entrepreneurs and Web3. He runs The Web3 Bridge (W3B) Community where he brings together entrepreneurs to learn the foundations for Web3, have a safe place to ask questions, discuss current events and talk strategy when it comes to preparing our businesses to enter Web3.

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