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Gregarious Narain

Co-Founder, Zealous

Gregarious Narain is a repeat entrepreneur with a career spanning 25 years, a dozen companies, and multiple industries.  His company, Zealous (Techstars Boulder 2022), helps communities recruit and retain members through content and conversations.  Previously, Greg co-founded Chute (YC W12), a user-generated content platform, and held product leadership roles at Creator Cash, StyleSeat, Klout, and more.

Greg has been a creator for more than a decade, starting with his blog Social Twister in 2003.  He was an early podcaster, launching the first syndicated, group podcast – Beercasting in 2004.  Although he writes frequently, his true passion is live content.  He has produced a number of live streaming shows, including his 2 most recent, Get Unstuck, a daily office hour show for founders and entrepreneurs on Clubhouse and The Created Economy, a weekly audio/video live stream covering the creator economy.

Greg has spoken internationally at many leading industry events, including Cannes Lions Innovation, DreamForce, NAB, SXSW, AWS Re:Invent and mentored for programs including YC Startup School, Google Launchpad, TechStars and Founder Institute.

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