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General Session Includes:

  • Andrew Davis – Digital Doppelgänger (s)
  • Latasha James – Nailing Your Unique Voice in a World of Robots
  • Pamela Slim – Your IP – Prepare, Package and Sell it
  • Soundarya Balasubramani – Quitting A $200k Corporate Job to Become A Solo Content Entrepreneur
  • Justin Moore – Audience-First Offers: How to Sell Stuff (and be thanked for it)
  • Kate Ertmann – The Heart & Soul Behind Your Content Creation Business is Math
  • Rafat Ali – From Content Creator to Full-Fledge Media Company
  • Justin Welsh – Q&A
  • Alexis Grant – Q&A with Justin Welsh
  • Ann Handley
  • B.J. Novak

AI Track Includes:

  • Julia McCoy – How AI Can 25x the Content Creation Process
  • Roberto Blake – Here’s All the Ways I Use AI in my Creator Business
  • Jordache Johnson – 15 AI Tools You Should Consider Using
  • Mike King – Advanced SEO & Findability Strategies in an AI World
  • Brian Piper – Optimize Your Content Using AI

Big Ideas Track Includes:

  • Jay Clouse – Why You Should Prioritize Long-Form Content
  • Robert Rose – A Modern Marketing Strategy for Content Creators
  • Joe Solari – How to Identify a “Winner-Take-All” Market to Quickly Dominate and Build Audience
  • Rachel Smith – Hiring and Firing: Growing Your Team So You Can Grow Your Business

Drive Revenue Track Includes:

  • Michael Stelzner – Under the Hood: How Social Media Examiner Diversifies Revenue and Makes Money
  • Adam Schaeuble – How I Built a Six Figure Income from My Podcast Working 3 Days a Week
  • Abagail Pumphrey – How I Generate 7-Figures in Revenue by Diversifying with Courses and Digital Products
  • Austin Church – How to Set Strategic Prices to Drive Revenue Even with a Small Audience

Grow Audience Track Includes:

  • Jen Matichuk – Unlocking Audience Loyalty: The Power of Membership
  • Caleb Dempsey – Transform Your Video Strategy with a Content Database
  • Robbie Fitzwater – 3 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Grow Your Business Through Email
  • Lianna Patch – How to Be Funny (Even If You’re Not): Comedy-Inspired Tips for Higher-Converting Copy

Hands-On Track Includes:

  • A. Lee Judge – Quitting Your Job to Go Full-Time Content Entrepreneur: Steps for How and When
  • Michelle Martello – Creating Your “Non-Skeezy” Affiliate Marketing Plan in 40 Minutes
  • Soundarya Balasubramani – How to Grow a Paid Membership Community around Your Cause
  • Ann Gynn – Creating Your One-Page Creator Marketing Plan in 40 Minutes
  • Jenny Magic – Let’s Build Out Your Consulting Practice in 40 Minutes
  • Bonnie Paulson – Building an Online Community Around Your Work: A Hands-On Session
  • Holiday Kinard – No-Nonsense Business Operation Strategies for Content Creators
  • Thomas Smale – How to Set Up Your Content Business for a Profitable Exit
  • Sharon Toerek – All the Legal Things You Aren’t Doing with Your Content Business but Should

Publishing Track Includes:

  • Cat Margulis – How to Write AND Finish Your Book in 6 Months or Less
  • Lali Szumowski & Matt Briel – From Digital to Print: Actionable Ways to Turn Your Content into a Book
  • Simon Owens – Driving Revenues through a Subscription Model: Step-by-Step
  • Pierre A. Jeanty – 7 Figure Book Business: Yes, You Can Make Money with Your Non-Fiction Book
  • Christopher Mitchell – Blogging in 2024: Everything You Need to Know to Find Success (and Generate Income)

Social Media Track Includes:

  • Claire Bartholic – An Instagram Model for Creators, Six Figures in Nine Months
  • Luis Camejo – Video Profit Levers: 6 Step Blueprint to Maximize Profits in Modern Media
  • Katie Brinkley – A Social Media Strategy that Works: Posting Less
  • Purna Virji – Advanced LinkedIn Publishing Strategies that Work for Creators
  • Keenya Kelly – TikTok Marketing: How to Grow and Crush Your Channel

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