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NFTs and Social Media: The Future of Digital Identity and Creator Reputation

Imagine if everything you’ve accomplished as a creator, every place you’ve visited and every experience you had could be validated and at your disposal to use in any way you feel fit.  The emergence of NFTs will transform how we look at digital identity and the creator’s reputation empowering us as creators to create dynamic and personalized experiences.  But what does that mean for how we should be approaching the future of social media and the creator reputation.

In this talk Brian will discuss:

  • The Role of NFTs and Social Media in the creator economy
  • The power of transparency and decentralization
  • How a new mindset shift to digital ownership will impact personal branding and social media
  • Value of NFTs for Creators beyond launching their own
  • Future of social media in a creator first world
  • How to rethink community inline with the future of our digital identity.


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