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How to Become a Community-Driven Creator

As the creator economy grows in popularity, the competition for attention increases. Instead of focusing on attracting a small sliver of MORE people’s attention, what if you focused on capturing a larger piece of your existing audience’s attention? That is the opportunity in cultivating a community.

By deepening relationships with your core audience, not only will you build a stronger brand, but you’ll build a protective moat around your business. You can take it a step further with a premium membership that allows you a predictable, independent income source as a creator. Whether free or paid, turning your audience into a community gives you a competitive advantage for growth.

In this workshop, we’ll cover:

  • How to turn your audience into a community
  • How to leverage your community for audience growth
  • How to draw insight from your community
  • When a paid membership makes sense (or doesn’t)
  • How to build a strong core of initial members
  • How to design your membership to be retentive
  • Common pitfalls to avoid
Pre-Event Workshop


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