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How AI Can 25x the Content Creation Process

Content has been the hardest task on the content creator’s list–until AI and GPT4 came along. Now, we can get content done up to 25x faster than the old human way. But, with this new age of AI, there comes an abundance of pitfalls. How do you avoid sounding same-old, same-old? (I see you, “unlock.”) How do you train AI to generate content that people want to read, while getting it done 25x faster? 

In my work as the President of Content at Scale, I live in the use cases of more than 3,000 creators, marketers and publishers who use AI to speed up their content creation dramatically–and sometimes, I see them achieve far better results than a human writer is capable of. In this session, you’ll learn:

  • *How to understand single LLMs and how they fall short of supplying everything a content marketer needs
  • *2024 and beyond ranking factors that Google puts weight on–and how to use AI and still meet high expectations with content output
  • *Processes and tips to dramatically speed up your content process with AI and get amazing results

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