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Alisha Ether

Leesh Capeesh, Content Creator

Alisha Ether, aka Leesh Capeesh, has been playing video games since the age of 5 and always had a passion for gaming. She regularly live streams on Twitch and plays popular video games such as Dead by Daylight, God of War, Far Cry, etc., but indie and horror games also hold a special place in her heart.

During her live streams, you can catch her entertaining and interacting with her audience through jokes, topical events, trending memes, reciprocal banter, and occasionally throwing back a few tequila shots with viewers.

In 2020, she started repurposing her content on TikTok and has since cultivated a community of over 250k followers becoming one of the most followed Black femme gamers on TikTok, and transitioned into content creation full time. In the last year she has worked with Anastasia Beverly Hills, The CW, and participated in Black History Month and Women’s History Month events with Twitch.

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